Michael Pilarczyk

My name is Michael Pilarczyk. I refer to myself as a personal performance teacher. What do I do? I give lessons in personal success, entrepreneurship, awareness and sense of meaning, or the art of life, as it’s sometimes called.

In 2015, I founded the Mastermind Academy together with Cindy Koeman. The Mastermind Academy is an educational institution for personal development. Our mission is: Join the Movement for a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy World.

During the very first lecture about my book in 2014, I met Mick Bröcker and we have kept in touch ever since. Mick travelled to Nepal and placed ‘Dancing in Heaven’ on a shelf of holy books in a monastery.

He told me about his plan to take care of some children in Nepal and to build a new house for them. I was impressed by his commitment.

Michael Pilarczyk

With love, I am supporting Mick and the Ombir Foundation to raise money so that we can offer a future to a some children in Nepal. The greatest gift we can give is knowledge and wisdom. For these children that greatest gift is education.

How beautiful is it to see happiness and gratitude in the eyes of a child? That's why I'm grateful to be allowed to join the Ombir Foundation so that a chance can be given to these children to live their beautiful lives. The secret of life is giving.

Virgil Van Dijk & Family

My wife and I are very happy and proud to be ambassadors of the Ombir Foundation. A great foundation that is deeply concerned with the care of children in Nepal.

Shelter, education, food & love, lots of love! We are extremely proud to be involved, and we cannot wait to get started!

Virgil Van Dijk & Family

Giving is Living

Together, we’re creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed.

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