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Children's Home

Every child needs
family & love

That’s why we ensure that the children in our loving Ombir Family can grow up in a stable environment and we can prevent them from being alone.

19' 8 | Happy kids on the roof

Family is what

makes a home

A family in whatever form. It’s not the biological bond or traditional family form that determines what family is, but the continuity and loving relationship that ensures the healthy development of a child.

Our family currently consists of 11+ children. These children are growing up with brothers and sisters in a safe and loving environment. We will take great care of these children until the time comes that they are able to stand on their own two feet.


A loving home in
the Ombir Family

We believe that a child cannot flourish without love. Family love is so important and growing up in a loving and safe family environment is the only good foundation for a child’s development.

Only with a loving home can a child develop into an independent and resilient young adult. The Ombir Family is one big family. That’s how it feels to the children, but also to us. Together we are strong, and we can take on anything.

18' 8 | Girls were making a dough.

In the Ombir Family, children learn to trust and love others. To process loss and pain. And they receive that loving foundation - that we all need - to be able to discover the world on their own.

A loving and safe family environment is the foundation for a child. It is perhaps even more important than shelter, healthcare and education. All these facilities are only purposeful if a child grows up within the safety and warmth of a family.


19' 7 | Writing love on the wall
18' 7 | Resting by the window
18' 6 | The Ombir House

““These children have become my family. And if I’ve learnt one thing from them, then it’s that we have to take care of our family, wherever we may find them in the world.””

—Mick Bröcker founder Ombir Foundation

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For you, it may only be €25 per month. But for the children in Nepal, this means a roof over their heads, plenty of food and the opportunity to go to school every day. To keep dreaming and believing in a better future.


Giving is Living

Together, we’re creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed.

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