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A big thank you on behalf of the children in Nepal. Your contribution helps us to ensure that 11+ children can grow up in a warm and caring family environment. This is how the children here are provided with a safe and loving foundation, which a child needs to develop properly: shelter, food education and love. Lots of love.

To give you an idea of what this means for the children, read Ombir's letter below. The boy with whom all of this began and after whom the foundation is named.

Thank you from Mick and the kids! 19' 8 | Thank you from Mick and the kids!

Ombir’s Thank-You Letter

This morning I was pleasantly surprised by Ombir. It was 'already' five o'clock, and he couldn't wait any longer…
…waiting for what? I wondered.

With bright eyes and a big smile on his face, he pulled a letter out from under his pillow and handed it to me.

Dear Mick,

You are the best person in the world. I have meet a lot of a person but not like you. I am so lucky to meet you. You are a sweet hearted person. You have been helping and doing lots of works for us.

If there are more people like you that I am 100 percent sure that our world soon will be better and lots of joy and sorrow.

I and the other children will want you to be happy and sweet hearted man.

—Ombir, Your liked friend

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