Will you make a difference?

A monthly contribution provides the necessary care the children need every month. For you, it may only be €25 per month, but for the children in Nepal, this means a roof over their heads, plenty of food and the opportunity to go to school every day. To keep dreaming and believing in a better future.


A little help goes a long way

100% of online donations go towards the care and education of these children in Nepal. By sponsoring a child, you are embarking on a special adventure, because the child you sponsor could be a source of inspiration. You not only enrich their world, but they also yours. Growing up in the Ombir Family changes the lives of these children forever. And it starts with you. With a monthly contribution, you can give these children the monthly care they need.


Giving is Living

Together, we’re creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed.

Become a Part of Something Bigger than Yourself