Namaste, my
name is Mick!

I’m twenty-seven years old and the last of all to join this family.

I’m a happy, grateful and peaceful person. I love to meditate and spend time with the people I love dearly, family and friends. I think good friends are like family that you choose yourself.

My best friend always refers to me as her Ganesh, remover of obstacles. Maybe I can be this for the children too? I’ve always believed that the children chose me to look after them and not the other way around.

19' 7 | Mick and Ombir
18' 7 | Shopping with the kids
18' 6 | Helping the kids on homework

At the
age of 17...

At the age of 17, following the deaths of my grandmother, grandfather and a good friend, I travelled alone through the Himalayas to Tibet. For me, this was the most beautiful place on earth. Since then, I visit Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and temples every week. I love the peace and quiet that you experience in these places. I’m thankful that through meditation, I can pass this peace on to so many people around the world.

Helping those in need

If I ask the children what their first thought is when they think of me, they almost always say something like: "you’re good at helping people in need." I’m thankful that the children see what we do for them. We, because of course, I don't do this all alone. Everything we do, we do together. Honestly: there is nothing more rewarding than seeing their cute faces when they get their new school uniform?

Grateful for life

Gratefulness is what I feel when I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. Thankful for life and thankful for all the lovely people who have shown a warm heart towards our family. I’m particularly thankful for my family and our ambassadors Michael Pilarczyk and Virgil van Dijk and his family. Two special friends who have believed in us from the very beginning

Sometimes the
biggest child

According to the children, I’m sometimes the biggest kid of the family, ha-ha. And although they may be right, the others can also take me on with that. The girls think it's hilarious to make me up. Okay, I rarely allow it, ha-ha! I don't like makeup of course, but the fun they have, and their smiling faces are worth more than gold.

I hope to see you
in the future!

When I grow up (read: older and wiser, ha-ha), I’d like to teach meditation and become a leader for world peace. I dream of a world where people live in peace and treat each other lovingly. A world where all children have the opportunity to go to school and realize their dreams.

I believe in what Mahatma Gandhi once said: "be the change you want to see in the world." This has become my motto of life and I live by it in all I can do with the time given to me in this life.

19' 8 | Off to school

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