Namaste, my
name is Ra!

I’m seventeen years old and growing up in the Ombir Family without any siblings.

I'm the only one of our family who doesn't have a biological family member around them, but it doesn't matter. I really like being here.

I’m friends with everyone and I enjoy playing the guitar, cooking, playing football, and making jokes. My brothers and sisters refer to me as the comedian of the family, ha-ha.

19' 7 | Big Smille
18' 7 | I love playing football
18' 6 | I like talking to Mick

Festival of Lights

The celebration of the light festival (Tihar) in Nepal begins two days before the new moon in November. We decorate the outside of our house with garlands made of lights and go out with the family over the course of five days to sing, dance and celebrate. I’m in charge of the music and I think that's so cool to do. I’m so lucky and happy!

My favorite food

My favorite food is chili mo:mo (dough balls with vegetables or meat in it). I also love to taste new foods. Cooking is my greatest passion. I cook every Saturday for the whole family. I prefer to make something with chickpeas (especially for Mick) and I prepare the chicken in my own way, with lots of spices and love. I always ask the other children if they liked it and if they say yes, it always makes me feel very happy and proud of what I’ve done.

My favorite day

My favorite day of the week is Saturday because that’s our day off. Mick and I will go out in search of the tastiest local vegetables and chicken for our family dinner. On our way to the vegetable lady in the village, we usually talk about life, our dreams and how we see the future ahead of us. Mick is always very positive and has an answer to almost every question I have. He helps me and I really appreciate it.

I always do my very best!

My favorite subjects at school are health and mathematics. I prefer to work with my hands rather than with my head, but I still do my best. Our family has changed so much in just a few years. If I do my best at school, I will hopefully have the opportunity to study and make my dreams come true. I work hard for this every day. I believe in a better future for all our family, and I can set a good example to my brothers and sisters.

I hope to see
you in the future!

When I grow up, I’d like to be a professional football player, just like my hero Virgil van Dijk. Otherwise, I would like to be a chef. I have little to no memories at all of my early childhood, but I know from stories I’ve heard in the village that my father was a very good chef.

I enjoy cooking and even more so when others enjoy the food that I prepare for them. Yes, I see myself becoming a chef and someday opening my own restaurant. My secret ingredient? Love!

19' 8 | Looking sharp

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As a seventeen-year-old boy, the future is getting closer every day. I’m fortunate that I can go to school every day, as I really enjoy it. Going to school brings me a step closer every day to my dream.

Thanks to you, I can go to school every day and can realize my dreams. We are embarking on a special adventure together. Not only do you enrich my world, but I also yours.

You will always be the first to receive my school report, new photos and I hope we will send letters to each other; that would be great!


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