Namaste, my
name is So!

I’m fourteen years old and growing up in the Ombir Family together with my brother Ut.

I’m actually the second mother of our family. I love taking care of everyone. I really want everything to be right for everyone. I enjoy doing my sisters' hair for them and sometimes, I even do Mick's hair. I really like making jokes; as often as I can, ha-ha.

19' 7 | Big Smille
18' 7 | Working in the field
18' 6 | Doing homework

My favorite day

During the school holidays or on Saturdays, I like to go out and visit new places. Saturday is therefore also my favorite day. The only day of the week that we don't have to do homework. We usually stay at home and get some rest after the busy school week. Mick sometimes takes the whole family to a place in Nepal that we’ve never been to before. I love this so much!

My favorite subjects

I’m grateful that I can go to school every day. Chatting and laughing with my friends. My favorite subjects are English and science. I’m often the last one to get off the school bus because I always want to make sure that all the other children are off the bus in time and on their way to their classrooms.

Just like
the baby

I’m always friendly and caring towards other people. But sometimes I can be lazy, ha-ha. I really like taking care of the baby. The thing that not many people know about me is that I cry easily, just like the baby.

Festival of Lights

The celebration of the light festival (Tihar) in Nepal begins two days before the new moon in November. We decorate the outside of our house with garlands made of lights and go out with the family over the course of five days to sing, dance and celebrate. I can wear the most beautiful clothes and use as much makeup as I like. How great is that? I’m so happy!

I hope to see
you in the future!

When I grow up, I’d like to be a social worker. My greatest hero is my sister Kalpana. I’d really like to know why and how she started this children's home. It’s my dream to help other children as she has.

19' 8 | Enjoying school

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As a young girl, the future is still far away. I’m fortunate that I can go to school every day, as I really enjoy it. Going to school brings me a step closer every day to my dream.

Thanks to you, I can go to school every day and can realize my dreams. We are embarking on a special adventure together. Not only do you enrich my world, but I also yours.

You will always be the first to receive my school report, new photos and I hope we will send letters to each other; that would be great!


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