Namaste, my
name is Sur!

I’m fourteen years old and growing up in the Ombir Family together with my sister Su and cousin Na.

I’m the naughtiest of the family and can usually found on Mick's back, ha-ha. I’m helpful and very active and energetic, I’m still a little kid really. I like to be outdoors surrounded by nature, climbing and scrambling or playing with animals.

19' 7 | Big Smile
18' 7 | Working in the field
18' 6 | Getting ready for school

I like to play football

If I’m not hanging on Mick's back, then I’ll be playing video games on the family iPad or playing football with my brothers outside. I especially like it when Mick takes us to the indoor football pitch nearby. I hope that one day I’ll meet my hero Neymar Jr. and then I can ask him to sign my shirt and take a selfie with him.

In our family
vegetable garden

When I finish school for the day, I quickly change out of my school uniform and run to our vegetable garden to see how all the vegetables and flowers are growing, I’m always the first one to do this. I help Grandma every day in the vegetable garden. I really enjoy it!

I like to play board games

I have a lot of energy but when it’s time to calm down and relax, I like to play board games such as monopoly with my brothers and sisters, or I like to draw or paint. These things really help me to relax.

I like to discover new places

When I don't have to go to school, I like to visit new places and I really enjoy taking nature photos or photos of beautiful places such as UNESCO world heritage sites.

I hope to see
you in the future!

When I grow up, I’d like to be a professional gamer. It would be great to play video games all day long. Otherwise, I’d like to join the army. I’d like to be a Gurkha, just like the people from the village where I come from. They are all trained and selected to serve in the British Army. Even though I’m small and skinny, I’ll always protect our family with pride.

19' 8 | Enjoying School

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As a young boy, the future is still far away. I’m fortunate that I can go to school every day, as I really enjoy it. Going to school brings me a step closer every day to my dream.

Thanks to you, I can go to school every day and can realize my dreams. We are embarking on a special adventure together. Not only do you enrich my world, but I also yours.

You will always be the first to receive my school report, new photos and I hope we will send letters to each other; that would be great!


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