Namaste, my
name is U!

I am fifteen years old and growing up in the Ombir Family together with my sister So.

I like to help people in need. Sometimes, we get given some pocket money and I think it's important to be careful with money. Most children buy noodles and sweets to hand out to friends and teachers at school, but I prefer to save my pocket money for later. Okay, sometimes I buy sweeties too, ha-ha.

19' 7 | Big Smile
18' 7 | Paper Plane
18' 6 | Doing chores

I love to play football

I love to play football and I really enjoy DJing. Marshmello is my greatest hero. If I get the opportunity to meet him someday, I'd ask him how he learned to play as a DJ and if he can teach me to do the same.

I’m good
at drawing

The thing that not many people know about me is that I’m not keen on dancing at all, while this is actually quite an important part of Nepalese culture. It’s even a subject at school! I prefer to play football with my brothers or do crafts inside the house. I’m good at drawing and enjoy painting.

My favorite subjects

I’m so happy and grateful that I have the opportunity to go to school every day. My favorite subject is science. It’s great that I can go to the robotic classes. In these classes, we learn to think about the world of tomorrow and get a glimpse into the future. I don't know if there will ever be robots in Nepal, but it seems pretty cool to me in any case!

My Birthday

The day on which I feel the happiest is my birthday. I really love being able to choose my own birthday cake. Though I do get shy and start laughing when everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

I hope to see
you in the future!

When I grow up, I’d like to be a professional football player, just like my hero Virgil van Dijk. If it would ever happen that I would wake up one day and meet him, I’d ask him how I could make my dreams come true, to sign my Liverpool shirt I got from him for Christmas and, of course, I’d also like to play football with him and take a selfie together. I want it all, ha-ha

19' 8 | School's over!

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As a young boy, the future is still far away. I’m fortunate that I can go to school every day, as I really enjoy it. Going to school brings me a step closer every day to my dream.

Thanks to you, I can go to school every day and can realize my dreams. We are embarking on a special adventure together. Not only do you enrich my world, but I also yours.

You will always be the first to receive my school report, new photos and I hope we will send letters to each other; that would be great!


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