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Why sponsor a child?

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a loving and safe family environment. We provide 11+ children in Nepal with a safe and loving foundation that is required for a child to develop. Shelter, food, education and love. Lots of love.


How does it work?

By sponsoring a child, you are embarking on a special adventure, because the child you sponsor could be a source of inspiration. You not only enrich their world, but your sponsor child will also enrich yours.

You can sponsor a child from €25 per month. We kindly ask for your commitment starting today until your sponsor child has graduated. The length of the trajectory depends on the age of the child and therefore differs per sponsor child.

With whom would you like to sponsor a child?

Sponsor a child as a duo or a group and ensure better living conditions and future opportunities. This is how you can all become an individual LIFECHANGER together. You can share the costs, but together you can make a huge difference to the life of a child in Nepal.

When you sponsor a child, the Ombir Foundation invests your contribution in the life and future of your sponsor child. Not only will you contribute to better living conditions and future prospects for one child, but ultimately to a better life for all the children in the Ombir Family.

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18' 6 | School is fun!

Our Ombir Family provides protection, healthy food, safe and clean drinking water, good healthcare, and good education. In short: the chance of a better future.

Via your sponsor child, you will be kept informed about how your contribution is spent, and you will be able to see the impact that your money makes on a child's life.

For less than one euro per day, you can give a child like Ombir the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment with healthy food, safe and clean drinking water, healthcare and education.

Every day, a member of our Ombir Family helps and guides the children with learning to stand on their own two feet, so that children like Ombir can be nurtured into becoming loved young adults.

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this is what you get back

As a LIFE CHANGER, you will be involved in the life of your sponsor child. You will be kept informed via (digital) letters, photos and updates sent by the Ombir Foundation.

It is a unique experience to build a personal bond, especially when you get to see the difference your contribution makes to the life of your sponsor child.

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Would you like to follow
the children a little closer?

Become a LIFECHANGER of the Ombir Foundation for as little as €25 per month, and you'll be the first to be informed about any developments and latest news from Nepal.

For these 11+ children, the future is getting a step closer every day. Fortunately, we can take care of these children with all our love, but we cannot do it alone. We need your help. Together we can change these children's lives forever.

Thanks to you, the children can go to school every day and they have the opportunity to realize their dreams. We are embarking on a special adventure together. Not only do you enrich these children their lives, but they will also enrich yours.

You will always be the first to receive the latest school report, new photos and the children hope we will send letters to each other; that would be great!

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Giving is Living

Together, we’re creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed.

Become a part of something bigger than yourself.