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We believe that where you start out in life does not determine where you end up. In collaboration with local communities, we continue to offer our 11+ children access to a safe and loving family environment and they get the opportunity to go to school every day - until they can stand on their own two feet and live a healthy, happy and loving life, their most beautiful life.

You deserve to see the impact your money makes which is why we are determined to show you what we do in Nepal and how we do it.

19' 8 | Mick and the kids

Transparency: our commitment to you

At the end of the year in Nepal, we publish our Impact Progress Report which specifies the outcomes related to all the programs of the Ombir Foundation during that year.

These findings are used internally to form the program design for the following year and are published externally with full transparency.

View the latest report to find out more about our work and how our progress can be tracked.

18' 7 | Enjoying School

Giving is Living

Together, we’re creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed.

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